Olivia Pastoral and Delightful Personalities Through Time

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How many times have you heard Oprah Winfrey quote, “I used to be afraid to wear a short skirt? But then I saw a woman walk down the runway in a pair of very short pants. She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen and when I saw her I knew I wanted to be like her.”


This quote by Olivia Sermon sums up the woman’s passion for fashion. The “happiness is what you wear”, is one of the most common and honest quotes that anybody would like to have uttered. In fact, the self-confidence is what everyone believes in and celebrates.

Not only are Olivia’s short skirts quoted numerous times in magazines, but she has also been interviewed by radio shows as well as television programs. The influence of Olivia’s wit and “woman inside” were constantly on display throughout her career. Thus, if you want to meet the real person behind the teddy bear, ask your mother to tell you about her favorite celebrity, Olivia and you’ll be glad you did.

Her on-air personality came out from the humble beginnings of being a restaurant server. Although, she may have seemed boring, her intelligence and skills in cooking are such that she became an excellent cook. Many restaurants felt as if they needed another cook, which she became. This one child with no family or friends to help her took her self-reliance to another level, a level that was reflected in her TV performances.

Olivia also never looked back. Although she had already achieved what she set out to do as a young girl, “I started my career as a waitress at the age of fourteen, and today I am the most famous and highest paid chef on TV”.

Although the designs of shorts came from the admiration of the celebrities, it was the Teddy Bear that Oliviaowned that made her reputation as the world’s top celebrity. Unlike the teal shorts worn by Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez, the red lipstick and hair bow that she sported during her stand-up comedy performance, accentuated her personality and her beauty. The emotional presence on stage was legendary.

As the promotional campaign for her first book made her famous all over the world, she has done many things to continue building her name and popularity. From interviews to writing letters, Olivia’s creativity has brought out the spirit of the young girl, who once talked and danced about love and family and happiness, all the while having the courage to accomplish those things in front of her.

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