The Name of the King – A Review

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The story of Khalid in The Name of the King is a tremendously enthralling one. I can only describe it as an epic love story. It portrays a hapless man’s struggle to save his life in the face of danger.


Khalid, played by Robert Duvall is a corrupt politician who wants nothing more than to lead a luxurious life and then to have his cake and eat it too. The handsome Khalid falls in love with Princess Farah in Afghanistan where he is touring for honeymoon. It is to this hope that he seeks her hand in marriage when he discovers she has been abducted.

His plan is to get back to his beloved before she becomes engaged to Prince Kafil. As his plans unravel, Khalid faces a grim decision which will require a combination of men and women. The game of chess is played between him and his sister Inna which go a long way to determining the fate of Khalid’s life.

The Karachi to Dublin route from the movie to the country of the story’s starting point, Afghanistan, is a truly spectacular experience. It takes in beautiful scenery and stunning views of mountains, glaciers and deserts. The background music in the film, Ireland is one of the most exquisitely designed score I have ever heard. I listened to it several times while watching the film and was inspired to listen to it while driving through the countryside in the aftermath of a lovely fall afternoon.

I enjoyed The Name of the King by The Story of a Man who made The Name of the King by author Michael Connelly very much. The complex characters of Khalid and Farah are what is so gripping about the movie. The setting is so beautiful, the plot is so compelling and the script so well written that it is easy to sit through the movie without getting bored.

For those who are unfamiliar with The Name of the King, I urge you to go see it on the Dublin Film Festival in November. The author’s 2020 novel can be found at

So if you want to learn a little bit more about the kingdom of Ireland, Afghanistan and The Name of the King, I recommend heading to the Dublin Film Festival in October and taking in the fantastic entertainment of the film, The Name of the King. It’s a must see movie and you will not be disappointed. One of the world’s best action films of the year, just look at how good the actors are, thanks to director Danny Boyle and writer Michael Connelly. Trust me.

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