Super Bowl 2020: What Does the NFC West Has to Do to Win the Super Bowl?

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On Sunday, January 17th, the St. Louis Rams will have to face the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 2020. This will be the first Super Bowl to be played outside of North America.

Super Bowl 2020

It’s not the first time that a team has traveled to the West Coast, but this is a unique situation for a few reasons. For one, a second game is being staged in the East, which will allow a win by the West Coast team to offset the loss of an East team. Also, the NFL has an additional safety precaution as to the league’s future.

Flotus, which is the NFC East franchise that moved to St. Louis from Washington DC, has had trouble getting into the playoffs in the past. This is because, while they’ve won at least eight games and made the playoffs every year, they are far behind in their division.

If a team like the NFC West is missing from the playoff picture, it means that another team, or teams, must step up to keep the teams going. The NFC West has not made the playoffs since 2020. Without any chance of making the playoffs, the NFC West has some planning and preparation to do.

Perhaps the biggest concern for the NFC West is that they’ll be without a third team, the AFC West champion Los Angeles Chargers. In addition, this will be the first year that the NFC East has three home teams. This means that they will have more time to prepare and improve on their performance. As mentioned before, the AFC East has the same number of teams as the NFC West.

In reality, the AFC West team is more likely to win the Super Bowl in the Super Bowl 50 that the NFC West team. The NFC West is currently four points behind the AFC West, but with the San Diego Chargers missing the playoffs, there is no certainty that the NFC West will win the Super Bowl.

Just how can the NFC West be involved in a Super Bowl that will be played in a sudden death format? There may be something called Super Bowl Incorporated that can’t decide between this and the following questions.

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