Priyank Chopra: The Man of the Hour

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The man of the hour is none other than the most talked about man in the world today, Dr. Priyank Chopra. He has brought forward a whole new approach to healing others through modern science. He has opened the doors to understanding the reality that everything we are and become was a creation of our mind, we learn to get it back by surrendering to it.

Priyank Chopra

One day, Dr. Chopra happened to visit Africa. He was having a spiritual epiphany on the nature of life and its creator and as a result he decided to become a yoga teacher. In fact, he is the most sought after guru by those who love to give themselves a transformational experience through personal development and self-discovery.

His writings are truly inspiring and well-written. He is not only an astute spiritualist, but also a gifted writer. His books and DVDs have touched millions of people with his teachings. He has developed a vast network of his followers in almost every country of the world, and many have come to learn about Dr. Chopra’s spiritual truths through his publications.

He is the Travel Guru and is well-known as a lecturer and speaker for the Science of Life Institute, which takes him all over the world, to enlighten on the beauty of the modern world and the incredible process by which everything that we do and think came into being and at the same time make us a part of it. This is a mystical journey of self-realization, where he trains you in the art of living, learning and knowing. One can be free from all the pain and torment of our lives when we recognize this reality.

For many years, Dr. Chopra has been the talk of the town, and while some may dismiss him as a guru, many others embrace him and his spiritual wisdom. His books have sold millions of copies, not just in India, but also in countries like America, Germany, Israel, and most especially in Britain, where he has done hundreds of lectures and workshops.

Dr. Chopra has developed a new approach to yoga, the Science of Life Yoga, that is taught in the United States, Canada, Australia, and even in other parts of the world. His work has influenced a whole new generation of yoga practitioners around the world. He has integrated his unique approach to yoga with his remarkable reading and research and has developed a new science, the Science of Life Yoga, that is used by the celebrities, politicians, writers, businessmen, and even by ordinary people.

He has become the Science of Life guru for millions and has brought a renewed awareness in thousands of people all over the world about the importance of living the life we are meant to live. For this, Dr. Chopra is the man of the hour.

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