A Romantic Comedy for the Entire Family

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Khalid is a romantic comedy starring Omar Sharif. It is the story of a young man who gets mixed up in a civil war between two men. He ends up being caught in the middle of it and finds himself caught in a war of his own making. In an attempt to escape, he meets a man from his past who brings him to a future he never thought possible.


The movie begins with a two-shot, taking place from behind Omar’s shoulder (he is standing next to his girlfriend), and in which he is looking at the two men; one of them has a rifle, the other has a sawed-off shotgun. Immediately, his girlfriend is able to manipulate this into being love and she kisses the man who has the gun. The man who has the gun seems to prefer that Omar has his throat cut, but he eventually agrees to hold off on it.

There is then a look back to their earlier conversations where both men tried to lead the other to assume the role of a captain in a United States army that Khalid had been born into. This was never to be as Khalid’s father has thrown him out because of his resemblance to another man. Although the first character, who had the gun, is blown up in the rush, the other one escapes and is killed.

Khalid goes to visit the man who had killed his father and he meets his father’s lover who is with her family. It is then that he realises he has a problem; he has a brother who wants to come and get him, and he is not sure how to handle the situation.

He is also being chased by a member of the Arab League and needs someone to help him find the defense minister. The idea of a prize to be won by the winner seems to appeal to Khalid. For example, if a particular country has won a prize from the same contest, then the most powerful person from that country would get to meet the minister.

When the contest ends, Khalid goes to see the minister and they strike up a deal; Khalid gets to train the man with the shotgun. Then, when Khalid’s friend finds out what has happened, he is devastated. He wanted Khalid to win the contest and had the gun in his house so that he could protect him. Once the whole thing is explained to him, he lets Khalid go free to meet the man in charge of the award.

Khalid’s naivety makes him vulnerable to even more men who are self-absorbed males who want to use him for their own means. However, he will need a bit of luck on his side to secure the prize.

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