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Pleased to announce Billie Eilish as our guest writer for the June 2020 issue of Modern Manners! What’s more, she will be doing a free webinar where she will take questions from her members. We are always looking for members to help us out. You will find out what we can do for you.

Billie Eilish

First off we’re going to talk about a basic haircut, well how to do a good haircut. There are lots of great tutorials online. If you have a better tutorial than mine I would love to hear it.

Then we’ll talk about grooming and how to have a clean set of teeth and not have them stained. When you have too many teeth hanging out of your mouth it looks like a baby. Having a clean set of teeth is the best way to make people not notice you as being dirty or uncouth.

But we won’t leave out the basics advice on conversation. The first thing you must remember is to smile. Make sure you make eye contact with others and pay attention to what they are saying.

After you’ve gotten some laughs then you should move on to the conversation so you don’t make a habit of giving funny answers or not hearing what people are saying. When you are talking to someone give a genuine answer.

Lastly when you’re at a restaurant or social gathering, don’t wear jeans and a t-shirt if you really want to meet new people. They ruin the style and appearance of the whole outfit. Wearing some form of casual clothing in formal situations will allow you to look better and present yourself as someone who is interested in knowing more about the other person.

Soif you can manage to maintain a clean cut, make a smile and meet new people, this June you can make some new friends! See you there!

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