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Priyank Chopra’s latest book is yet another New Agey, all-encompassing guide to spiritual growth and inner transformation. I am certainly not a fan of New Age and really would be better off sticking with traditional spiritual methods like meditation, yoga, and self-hypnosis. But in terms of “spiritual” books, this one is well worth the read.

Priyank Chopra

The book begins with an essay on quantum physics, and then goes on to describe how the new quantum physics is going to help the world to achieve greater consciousness. It talks about quantum consciousness, consciousness in general, and the concept of microstates, which have both a spiritual and physical component. It talks about the importance of evolving spiritual awareness into increased consciousness, and how all levels of consciousness are related to one another. And it talks about the importance of deep, undistracted reflection, and why it is critical for personal and spiritual growth.

After all that introspection, the book discusses how to create your own path of spirituality, which is a sort of spiritual blueprint for the rest of your life. It talks about deep inner healing and developing a “magic field” of positive energy. It talks about how to communicate and cultivate clarity, and how to increase your intelligence.

The book also talks about the importance of increasing your consciousness and how to do this in different ways. For example, one way to increase your consciousness is to meditate every day, which Chopra believes will help you to “become aware of whatever it is you are focused on.” Meditation helps you to “establish a special relationship with your entire being,” and is thus a great tool for developing creativity and spiritual awareness.

The book also contains an authorship comment from Chopra that makes it very clear that his spiritual views are based on objective spiritual, scientific principles. As such, he is also no religious zealot or convert to Hinduism or Buddhism.

There are some shortcomings of the book, though. There is a tendency towards too much rhetoric. It is almost as if Chopra believes that the spiritual, naturalistic model of science must be both universal and independent of human beings. For example, he is very much in favor of biophysics and is quite pessimistic about scientific methodology itself.

Overall, however, I enjoyed this book because it is more focused on the deeper aspects of spirituality, while at the same time stimulating one’s intellectual curiosity. This is a great spiritual exercise for anyone who likes reading about spirituality and also loves books. I recommend this book to everyone who wants to improve their spirituality and is interested in deep spiritual analysis.

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