Be More Like Oprah – Part 4

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The word Oprah means a lady in an elite position. But what does that mean to a guy? Can he be one too?


Yes, if you are out to meet women and have the kind of confidence that Oprah has, there is no reason why you can’t be one too. Yes, the title comes with its share of responsibilities and obligations. You need to earn it and be true to yourself in all other areas of your life. This is something that no man can do for himself. It takes time and effort to become Oprah.

Part of that process is learning to accept your role in life. How do you do that? Try to be more like a man instead of a woman. That will allow you to connect with women better and you’ll start feeling better about yourself.

When you go to the bar with women, do you think that they want you to act like a man? Or do you want to act like a man? If you find yourself thinking “Man,” then your confidence is not working right. Remember, your woman probably wants you to be more like a man.

Women need a man who acts like a man. When you’re able to make your own decisions, listen to them and do what you want, it’s just natural for women to want you to be the same. So don’t let women think you’re a man. Show them you’re a man instead. Most women are attracted to men who take a step outside their comfort zone and look for new challenges.

And when you’re out with women, do you have to act like a man? Of course not. When you’re outwith women, you can be just yourself. So if you’re not comfortable with your body, don’t dress up like a man or you won’t feel good about yourself. You can also leave some things off your agenda if you don’t want to be so macho or feel too much pressure.

Do you really want to be more like Oprah, or do you want to be like Olivia? We all want to be that confident person but only Oprah have the gift to give men the confidence they need.

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