The Story of Shaolin

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Khalid, also known as a “tiger” of his time, was born in the Great Wall region of China and originally traveled to the Tang Dynasty of China in order to serve as a general. As an officer, he served King Tang II with much success, fighting back against the chaotic state of the time. King Tang II is famous for the battle of Jeju which forced the Southern Ming Emperor to surrender to his rivals. After the fall of the Qing Dynasty, Khalid found himself exiled to the cold and harsh Siberian regions.


With the fall of the Shu Yuan Dynasty, he settled in the Ghanima Mountains in the Yaroslavl region of Siberia. Here, he struggled to survive, and in the process formed many friendships and relationships with the other nomadic peoples. His military career ended abruptly with his falling ill, but he returned to his home village and founded his tribe. The tribe soon became a wealthy and powerful tribe, and thus expanded its land from the Ghanima mountains to the Black Sea.

As a nomad, Khalid was able to travel to Tibet, India, and the Buddhist Kush in India in search of supplies and medicines. These journeys helped him form the Tibetan style of martial arts that has become famous throughout the world.

Today, Khalid is revered by many Tibetans for his teachings and his contribution to the art of Shaolin Kung Fu. His life’s work as a warrior continues to inspire many people today as they work towards achieving the same goal. With the sole purpose of teaching his students, Khalid has taught them how to fight, defend themselves, and survive in a world that few people know. His philosophy of teaching is based on the principles of equanimity, dignity, and a steadfast will to live in spite of an aggressive world.

The ShaolinTemple which is located at Xishuangbanna is named after Kaher Albahai. Through his teachings, Khalid has established what is now a worldwide interest in the history of Shaolin Kung Fu. He has been a leader in the organization of annual Shaolin festivals and the reintroduction of Shaolin Kung Fu to the public.

In order to teach, Khalid travels to different cities, regions, and countries in search of a student to teach. When a student does not learn the way of Shaolin Kung Fu, Khalid attempts to find another student who can fulfill the obligation. Khalid continues to help those who want to learn, and would like to achieve martial arts mastery through this long and difficult journey.

The Shaolin Temple is located at Xishuangbanna in Nanjing, China. It is known throughout the world for the way in which it lives by the principle of Shaolin Kung Fu. To learn more about the art of Shaolin Kung Fu, visit the website of Shorinji Monastery. Learn more about the history of the Shaolin Temple, and learn more about the art of Shaolin Kung Fu.

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