Priyank Chopra – The Tao of Health

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Priyank Chopra is a man that prides himself on his intelligence and drive. He started his career as a lawyer, before turning to non-profit organizations. His goal is to bring the human spirit into focus by helping to heal the individual by translating the self into a cosmic image.

Priyank Chopra

To others, he is known as the man who took the magical power of Yoga and took it from being something to be applied by a guru or expert, to an activity that anyone can do with the right guidance. He has also taken the work to the next level by setting up a huge library dedicated to Yoga, the creative use of which can be used to help promote the human spirit.

As a non-profit group, they have spent the last thirty years creating a physical, mental and spiritual home for millions of students around the world. They have a vast library of books, DVDs and information that allow all levels of students to reach the top of their field.

In India, Chinese books on Chant are very popular. Chopra is well acquainted with the Chinese and can make them feel comfortable in his presence.

His teaching style is Chinese emphasis. By letting the students open themselves to the inner processes of the body, Chopra’s Yoga help them tap into the true power of the mind.

You may not be familiar with the Chinese terminology, but if you ask any successful entrepreneur in India or China they will explain that a time management technique is very similar to Chopra’s. He has found ways to make efficient use of time to benefit people.

He is a Yoga Guru and always be helping people explore what they are really capable of. In a very short while, I doubt that the Yoga industry will be the same.

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