Oprah and the Oprah Winfrey Way

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Oprah Winfrey is a phenomenal icon of women and has inspired generations of women to live their dreams. Oprah’s legacy as a champion of women and the book “Doing it my way” could be considered as one of the most popular guides for women to follow. The autobiography explains that when Oprah was twelve years old, she was molested by her brother who became the first person she told about the incident.


Oprah told her mother, “Don’t let him do this to me!” However, Oprah did not stop the abuse because she decided to do what she knew was right even if it meant leaving her son in danger.

Proud to be a woman, Oprah determined to come out of her abusive relationship with her brother. She never stopped believing in herself because she could not accept that she could not change the man who had abused her brother. So, she was always available for her mother and sister. To give her the support she needed, she started selling the clothes that she made at home and turned the barter into a business, eventually she became a successful business woman.

Before being hired to make a movie, Oprah wanted to become a real estate broker and started her own private criminal defense team. Since she did not care if she went to jail, she just felt good when people came to her for help. After the Oprah Winfrey Home for Children, she began to make programs for schools and colleges.

Oprah still works as a powerful advocate and has written several books on women’s empowerment. In her autobiography “Oprah’s World”, she wrote that if women embrace success, they will change society and create a better world for future generations.

Oprah does not say that if you want to lose weight, you should starve yourself; instead, she recommends exercising and enjoying life. Oprah believes that children need to eat healthy so they donot become obese or develop health problems later in life.

Oprah is the ultimate Oprah Winfrey. She inspires women and dreams of a better world through her program of living.

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