Women’s Tantra Training

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The problem with every problem is that people do not want to face the facts and they want other people to solve their problems for them. That is what it is called propaganda which is your free time.

This is not new, it is been going on for a long time now and I think we need to go back to the issues with our government’s budget cuts, government dependency and the politicians who will not do the right thing for the people. One of those politicians is Barack Obama. How he plans to create a debt free America is beyond me.

Is he really serious about getting America out of debt? No one is going to believe in him and listen to him. He is a liar and a fraud, yet how can he continue on like this?

It is time for the people to stand up and demand that he get out of the office or kick him out of office. Please remember I am not advocating anyone doing anything at all. This is just the way I feel.

However, we cannot continue to wait for bad things to happen to us. We have to do something so we can make things right.

Many people are beginning to see the great concept behind the debt-free money. These ideas are not only useful but very popular because people understand them and can put them into practice, rather than just talk about them.

Once this is done, people will start to wonder why these things can’t happen. Hopefully they will go to those that can implement these ideas and make them work for everyone in the world. I am positive that all countries would love to be free of their debt issues and be able to pay their bills in full.

He Will Ruin Our Economy For Us Or Not – You Decide

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Many people believe that tantra is about sex. But in fact, the two greatest pillars of the spiritual path, Hinduism and Buddhism, embrace the wisdom of sexual restraint and marital bonding. Tantra practices of sexual meditation, love making, and divine union, have much more to offer women than men, yet the man-woman connection of tantra is sacred, sacred in an otherwise ungodly place: between a man and a woman.

Why the two great spiritual traditions, Hinduism and Buddhism, promote tantra as a path of sexual union and non-possession of sexual power? The answer lies in the belief that it is possible to come into the union with a divine spark without achieving the sexual ecstasy and union. Tantra teaches that one’s relationship with God transcends what is known in Western civilization as sexual fulfillment. It is an ancient belief that our union with God transcends sexual attainment.

So if you are interested in learning tantra training, you have a choice between gaining that intimacy and union, or gaining it only through intercourse. We choose the latter. We take the path of self-revelation in a woman and at the same time become responsible for all the relationships in our lives. It may seem like an impossible combination, but it is so powerful. If you follow it correctly, your intimate union with God will not only be fulfilling but God will be releasing you from your worldly responsibilities.

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