Science Needs More People!

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The world of science is one of the most dynamic, interesting and fascinating fields. As we enter into the 21st century, we see scientific discovery as an endless process where new questions are always being asked by scientists as they test and search for answers to age old questions. Unfortunately, it also seems that as we find more answers to these questions, science is being pushed back into its safe haven – the lab.

As a result, many of the wonderful discoveries made in the past few decades have been hidden away in boxes or stored away as science experiments. This situation has only worsened as we have entered into the twenty-first century, as scientists and other researchers who are making outstanding contributions to the world, are even being banned from speaking at their own conferences.

But why is this situation happening? Why is it not allowing scientists to expand their knowledge to new levels or allow them to explore new theories? And, why is it not allowing us to fully appreciate the extent of the power that the scientific method offers?

Well, the problem with the restrictions on scientists speaking at their own conferences is that the restriction was imposed upon science information as opposed to human emotion and our beliefs. Science information and scientific discoveries are much more valuable than scientific theories and hypotheses. Science information is infinitely more important than mere theories or ideas.

In fact, the larger the field of science and the more sophisticated the scientific equipment becomes, the more science information you need to understand it. Even before a breakthrough has been made, all of the data and information that has been gathered has to be put together to determine the implications of the discovery. It is this culmination of years of research that gives science its value.

I have found that many breakthroughs in the scientific world have come about due to great strides that have been made in technology, such as computers and medical technology. There are new applications of technology that have opened up the door to new possibilities. It is really sad that we have so little of the type of technology that has made the technological revolution that we live in today possible.

It seems that instead of making us enjoy the wonders of the scientific world, the scientific community has turned it into an obstacle rather than an advantage. It is time that the barriers that have been erected around the field of science were taken down. Science needs more people from all walks of life and all ages.

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