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Most of us have a belief that money is the root of all evil. There is some truth to this belief. The belief of this is that people who are not rich are really poor. A way to stop this is to work for money.

Money makes people do stupid things. You know what I mean? Most of us are a bit stupid to get involved in debt like buying a car and get involved in a huge debt, instead of learning something useful like how to grow plants.

A lot of things in our life comes from man’s ignorance. We live day by day looking at each other, seeing what other people do, how they buy and consume and ask ourselves what we can do to be more like them, become what they are.

The beauty of living is to do things for others, it’s about helping other people, letting them help you. So, if you want to have money, it’s not important how much money you can get but the motive to make the most of your money.

The worst thing you can do with money is spending too much. If you have spent too much, it’s because you don’t want to live a good life for your kids, you don’t want to live a good life for yourself. It is impossible to spend a lot of money and still maintain a good life.

Instead, use your money to give something back to those who need it. For example, if you are a house owner, you can give your time to building houses for poor people. And you can give money to help with education in poor areas or go in and help with public works projects.

A big problem in the world is poverty and most of these poor people need you, so don’t forget them. Go and help these people as much as you can, be a person who gives back to society and lives a good life.

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