Month: October 2019

New optical instrument measures a smaller distance that can ever be measured directly

A new nanometre-scale distance measurement system, a kind of nanometric “optical ruler,” was developed by a research group at the Nanyang University of Technology in Singapore (NTU). Currently there is a limit, called a “diffraction limit,” for which optical devices can only display a certain distance from the wavelength of the light used, more or […]

Swedish scientists simulate the operation of the quantum computer on classic computers

A group of researchers claims to have simulated the functioning of a quantum computer in a classical computer, a result that according to the same scientists at the University of Link√∂ping, Sweden, who carried out the research, could be crucial to understanding how to build quantum computers in the future. The study was conducted by […]

Scientists sequester the duckweed genome and discover genes that protect them from parasites

Studying how aquatic plants deal with pollution can be useful to understand how wastewater can be treated more efficiently or even to produce biofuels and for other applications at the biotechnological level. This is the goal of a group of researchers from the Waksman Institute of Microbiology at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. The researchers followed the […]

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