Uncompressed 4K video broadcasted in real time with new wireless technology

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The wireless transmission of an uncompressed 4K video, e.g. from a drone in flight, can be achieved thanks to a new technology using millimetre waves (mmW), according to a statement published on the European Union’s CORDIS website.

The technology was developed within the MiEdge 5G project, funded by the EU and launched in 2016. The technology makes it possible to transmit a video in real time in uncompressed 4K resolution. The antenna is also small, light and so compact that it can easily be mounted on a drone.

The same technology also offers a delay defined as “significantly shorter” compared to traditional compressed video and transmission. The technology has already been tested on a drone; the latter was able to transmit uncompressed video in 4K from over 100 meters distance to a land access point.

In addition, the drone would be able to receive a combined, global, real-time 3D map that extended its scope, thereby improving in-flight efficiency. Researchers have improved mobile edge computing (MEC) technology that exhibits a high degree of damping, something that prevents it from being used over a slightly longer distance.

They have therefore created a new technology called the mmW edge cloud that combines mmW wave access and MEC technology. It is thought that this wireless technology can be used primarily in the field of transport and in all those sectors where significant content downloads have to be made in a short period of time and at high speed, such as streaming high-definition content or in augmented reality.

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