Friday, August 5, 2016

Developing and Porting C and C++ Applications on Aix

Developing and Porting C and C++ Applications on Aix
Detailed explanations about 32- and 64-bit process models Effective management of shared objects and libraries Exploring parallel programming using OpenMP. This IBM Redbook will help experienced UNIX application developers who are new to the AIX operating system.

The book explains the many concepts in detail, including the following: - Enhancements and new features provided by the latest C and C++ compilers for AIX - Compiling and linking tasks required to effectively use and manage shared libraries and run-time linking - Use of process heap and shared memory in the 32- and 64-bit user process models - A new programming paradigm in a partitioned environment where resources can be dynamically changed - Parallel programming using POSIX threads and OpenMP The following chapters are also useful for system administrators who are responsible for the software problem determination and application software release level management on AIX systems: Chapter 3, "Understanding user process models" Chapter 7, "Debugging your applications" Chapter 12, "Packaging your applications"

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