Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Cable Operators Ride the Digital Wave to New Revenue Streams

"Cable Operators Ride the Digital Wave to New Revenue Streams"
Cable MSOs have enjoyed exclusivity in markets for years, but that’s all changing in a pay TV market that’s expected to grow to $400 billion by 2017 due to increased competition from OTT players

There is significant competition arising from OTT players and other on-demand pay-tv players to the traditional Cable MSOs. In such scenarios, what must the Cable MSOs do? How should they battle it out to protect their revenues and market share? In this Whitepaper SunTec answers these questions by stating

Cable MSOs can look at working alongside rather than against the OTT players to create a converged value both for themselves, the OTT players and the customers
Cable MSOs need to keep customer experience at the centre
Effective monetisation of the services need to be ensured to maintain profitability

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