Monday, May 23, 2016

Robot Assisted 3D shape acquisition by optical systems

Robot Assisted 3D shape acquisition by optical systems

The proposed procedures are absolutely non-invasive since they do not involve any modification of the scene; in fact no markers with features visible by both the camera and the laser, or any other device, are required. As for the first results of the new method for real time shape acquisition by a laser scanner , it must be said that, although the test rig has been conceived just to validate the method (hence no high resolution cameras were adopted), the tests have showed encouraging results. These results can be summarized as follows. 1. It is possible to calibrate the intrinsic parameters of the video system, the position of the image plane and the laser plane in a given frame, all in the same time. 2. The surface shapes can be recognized and recorded with an appreciable accuracy. 3. The proposed method can be used for robotic applications such as robotic kinematic calibration and 3D surfaces...

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