Thursday, December 31, 2015

The VHDL Golden Reference Guide

The VHDL Golden Reference Guide
The VHDL Golden Reference Guide is a compact quick reference
guide to the VHDL language, its syntax, semantics, synthesis and
application to hardware design.

The VHDL Golden Reference Guide is not intended as a replacement
for the IEEE Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual. Unlike
that document, the Golden Reference guide does not offer a
complete, formal description of VHDL. Rather, it offers answers to
the questions most often asked during the practical application of
VHDL, in a convenient reference format.

Nor is The VHDL Golden Reference Guide intended to be an
introductory tutorial. Information is presented here in a terse
reference format, not in the progressive and sympathetic manner
necessary to learn a subject as complex as VHDL. However,
acknowledging that those already familiar with computer languages
may wish to use this guide as a VHDL text book, a brief informal
introduction to the subject is given at the start.

The main feature of The VHDL Golden Reference Guide is that it
embodies much practical wisdom gathered over many VHDL
projects. It does not only provide a handy syntax reference; there are
many similar books which perform that task adequately. It also
warns you of the most common language errors, gives clues where
to look when your code will not compile, alerts you to synthesis
issues, and gives advice on improving your coding style.
Download here (pdf)

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