Friday, December 25, 2015

Field Guide to the Distributed Development Stack

Field Guide to the Distributed Development Stack
When you explore a new technology landscape, the journey can take you to places you never expected. Take O'Reilly's CTO, Andrew Odewahn. While working on ideas for a new publishing platform, Andrew kept notes as he probed the depth and breadth of what we call the "distributed development stack" (DDS).

As patterns emerged, and as Andrew mentioned them to his co-workers, people started borrowing his "field guide." His detailed notes helped them avoid pitfalls and saved a lot of time. As Andrew's notes grew, so did the number of people who wanted them.

What started as his own journal soon became the Field Guide to the Distributed Development Stack, an ongoing collaborative project. This report is a snapshot of what the Field Guide includes to date, but the guide and the framework are meant to be a living resource. So, we put the source on GitHub and invite you to contribute. If you feel the Guide is missing a tool or a major theme, then fork the repo and send along a pull request.

You'll find contribution details inside the report, along with a framework full of useful tools and ideas.

Download here (pdf)
Download here (epub)
Download here (mobi)

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